You’re here

for a reason.

Work with Soul is an ever-expanding community of support
that connects who you are and what you do in soulful ways.

Through intimate connections, compassionate coaching, spiritual practices and an array of experiences that make you come alive (hello, week in Bali!) Rebecca and the Work with Soul family support you in embracing all of who you are by doing work that lights you up.

Here you’re invited to be all of you.

hugsYour empathy and all-over-the-place thoughts–they’re a part of this! Your overachiever, perfectionist nature? Bring it along for the ride!

We help you discover your spiritual superpower and unleash its impact upon the world in full glory. Wonder Woman spin optional.

This also means healing the limiting beliefs and old wounds that cause the shame and guilt that keeps you hiding.

It’s time to learn to be compassionate with yourself on this wild journey. You need your own love and care just as much as anyone else.

You don’t have to do this alone.

group_hugWe support you in finding and creating a community of people who get it and who get you. Because we know fears come up doing this soul work.

We’re the band of creative outsiders and loving outliers who have courageously come together. A family of humans who don’t quite fit the mold and are no longer willing to do what’s “right” because someone else said so.

At the end of the day we want to be accepted as we are, do work that matters, and have some fun along the way–and we want this for you, too.

We’ve Been waiting for you!

However you found us, we’re so glad you did.
Welcome home, beautiful, we love you already.
Playfully Soulful,

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