10 Day Love & Acceptance Challenge

“I have never fully felt loved and it is all I’ve ever wanted.” 

When it comes to humans, deep down we all want the same thing: to be loved and accepted as we are.

These are the deep needs of the human heart and we all have them.

Want to know the fascinating piece?

Often what we need and desire more is also what we resist or push away most.

Of course, we’re not doing this consciously, but its happening a lot of the time.

My clients come to me often because they’re exhausting. They’ve been wearing a front that everything is great and they’re wear a mask of confidence but deep down their struggling.

They’re struggling because they’re yearning for love and acceptance.

It’s heart-breaking, but most people didn’t get the love and acceptance from their family in the way they needed it.

And because they didn’t receive that love and acceptance as a kid, they developed a set of beliefs and thought patterns around not being enough, not belonging, not being lovable, not being worthy unless they prove themselves through never-ending achievements and accolades…

I could go on. You get it.

Then as adults there is this big empty space in their heart, where the love and acceptance belongs.

They try to fill that emptiness with food and alcohol, with jam-packed schedules and busyness.

They try to fill the emptiness with career achievements and advancements, degrees and promotions, and a lot of money.

They try to fill it with more stuff, the amazon boxes keep coming, the closet stuffed full.

They try to fill it by distracting themselves with the things that don’t really even matter.

But that space cannot be filled by any of those things, because that space within is meant for love and acceptance.

And that’s is why I’m here to do.

I’m here to help you fill yourself with a deep and divine love and acceptance.

Because I know what happens when you do.

First of all, it feels like one long luxurious exhale.

The pressure to constantly prove yourself and convince people you’re worthy of their time, attention, and love dissolves.

The need to fill yourself up with things you don’t really care about goes away, and you are drawn to what matters most.

You can fully relax. Your nervous system resets because there’s nothing wrong, nothing missing, and nothing fundamental about yourself that needs to be fixed.

When you are filled within by love and acceptance, you can actually show up fully present with others and love and accept them too.

You can give more fully to your beloved, you can take better care of your friends and family, you have more energy to share with others and pour into the things you’re passionate about.

“Nothing you say and nothing you do could make me love you anymore of any less” the Divine reminds us.

This love and acceptance is infinite.

This love and acceptance is unconditional.

This love and acceptance is available to all of us.

Whether you feel empty and are desperately wanting for this love to pour into you


You are ready to expand yourself to receive even more of the divine love available to you

Would you like to join me in this?

Here’s how it works:

We gather as a community for 10 days. You’ll receive daily meditations and writing prompts.

You’ll be surrounded by supportive individuals doing this work with you, and I’ll be there every day infusing you with the love you need.

You will be accepted as you are and celebrated as you fill your heart.

Join the 10 Day Love & Acceptance Challenge here.

We begin Wednesday, April 25th and it runs live for 10 days.

We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 1-1:30pm CT. All sessions will be recorded and available by the following day.

This meditation + prayer circle is our gift back to the community, and is completely free.

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