6 Pack Meditation Series

It’s 2017…

The pace of life has increased. You’re expected to do more than ever before and somehow be happy and relaxed all the time as you do it

(I tried, it’s not possible).

As we focus on achieving more we are relaxing less, creating a society of people who are rushed, stressed, and exhausted. And if you live in the modern world, you’re likely one of them.

We each have our solution du jour to distract and get through the weeks–from prescription drugs and alcohol to food, constant social media scrolling and TV to shopping.

We love to numb and distract.

But there is another way: Meditation 

Meditation is something spiritual folks have been practicing for a few thousand years… and it’s benefits include:

  • Less stress. More ease, compassion, resilience and connection.
  • Feeling less annoyed… over time the things that used to really get under your skin you’ll find no longer bother you.
  • Deeper connection to your self, your body and soul, and an overall sense of oneness/wholeness. 
  • Less reactivity and more aligned with your deepest truths and values.
  • Increased intuition and decision making skills–your choices and actions led by soul. 
  • Replacing old unhealthy or destructive patterns with gentler, healthier new ones.
  • Being a better human (read: friend, partner, parent, child, co-worker, boss, lover, citizen)

Meditation and Connection are the medicine we actually need. Xanax and Valium pale in comparison.

I’ve created this meditation series, with you in mind.

The modern day human, who’s life motto is likely more along the lines of “Can’t stop, won’t stop” as you ambitiously move towards your goals and dreams.

You need to reconnect with yourself on a soul level and return to your relaxed, natural state of flow and ease, so you can enjoy this life you’re working so hard for.

If you’re thinking, “Oh sh*t, that sounds great, but I don’t have time for that.” then you probably need this the most. So I’ll make it as easy as I can for you.

This meditation series is entirely online/virtual.


You can participate from anywhere in the world and enjoy the practices from

your own private space.

I’ve had a daily meditation practice for the last 5 years, with 400+ hours of yoga and meditation training and 2,000+ teaching hours, I’ve learned a few things along the way I’d love to share with you.

In this Meditation Series are some key practices and principles that are the most effective in moving through stress, unpleasant feelings or fears, and back to ease and flow. 

For 6 weeks I’ll be teaching and guiding you through these practices, all of which I’ve used and enjoyed myself and with my clients. The same meditations I’ve used with the US Men’s Soccer Team, millionaires on Necker Island, and at Wanderlust Yoga Festival with over 1,500 participants.


This 6 Pack Meditation Series includes: 

  • 5 Teaching Videos $100 value
  • 6 Guided Meditation Practices $120 value
  • PLUS: Lifetime access to all the recordings so you can continue and repeat whenever you wish. 

You receive all of this for one simple payment of only $199 $67 USD

Teaching Videos: I’ll fully explain each meditation, offer modifications and provide a focused intention for that day/week.

Guided Audio Tracks: Meditation only tracks to stream directly onto your mobile device. When you feel confident enough on your own you can put me aside and guide yourself.

Meditations Include: Balance Your Brain/Calm Your Body, Return to Wholeness, Radiate Your Magnetism and more.

Six practices that teach you to the foundational principles of meditation. You’ll enjoy relaxed days and a calmer nervous system and mind.

This meditation pack is for you if:

  • You want simple, effective guided meditations that are safe and do-able for any body or experience level.
  • You are newer to meditation and not sure where to start, what you’re doing or are feeling a little intimidated by the idea of it
  • You meditate from time to time but want to return to the foundational principles of meditation
  • You dabble in meditation and want to start a daily practice now to create more consistency
  • You want to experience more peace, ease, and enjoyment in you life.

Got questions? We have answers… 

Q: I don’t live in Chicago, can I still participate? 

A: Yes! The series is entirely online/virtual

Q: How will I get my meditations? 

A: All the course content will be sent to you via email with easy access from your phone or computer. Please mark rebecca@www.test.workwithsoul.com and team@www.test.workwithsoul.com as safe senders and check your spam/junk or promotional folder (if in gmail) if you don’t receive your meditations within 5 business days upon purchase.

Q: How much time do I need to do this? 

A: The teaching videos are 5-15 minutes, and the guided meditations themselves range from 6-30 minutes. You choose how often and which ones you practice regularly, we recommend sticking with one practice for a full week and moving through them sequentially.

Q: Do I need any special equipment/stuff to participate? 

A: Just yourself, and a mobile device with headphones or a speaker to play the recordings. For seated meditations you may want a pillow, blanket or cushion to sit on to be more comfortable.

Q: What if I hate it? 

A: While I don’t anticipate anyone hating meditation since it is such a peaceful and beneficial practice, we all have our preferences. If you participate for at least 10 days (daily) and are still unsatisfied email us and we will send you a full refund within 30 days. Note: No refunds will be offered to individuals who have not participated–please refrain from enrolling if you don’t plan on practicing. 

Q: I want to share this with some friends, family members and/or co-workers. Can I share my meditations with them? 

A: While I love your desire to share you meditation, I ask that each individual separately pay and enroll.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours meditating and honing my skills as a practitioner and teacher, and a dozen hours putting this together for you, so please honor that by not sharing the meditations with others who have not paid and enrolled.

I have free meditations available if you’d like to share those–email us, team@www.test.workwithsoul.com and I will happily send you a handful to enjoy and share outside of this course.

Q: Do you offer a group rate? 

A: If you want to do this course with your team, family, group, etc. email us, team@www.test.workwithsoul.com and we can offer you a discounted family/group rate for 4+ people practicing together.