Hi Love. I’m Rebecca

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People always think I’m smiling

bike1Walking down the street. When I’m thinking. Doing yoga. Riding my bike to a meeting.

I’ll tell you a secret… it’s just my face.

No, seriously, I have resting happy face. It’s the opposite of resting bitch face.

Physiology mirrors our inner psychology, so it’s no wonder my face defaults in an upward arc, because I absolutely love what I do.

I’m continually humbled and honored to lead the Work with Soul community, collaborating with so many incredible artists, innovative big hearts, and insanely talented humans.

I specialize in working with creative, soulful women by connecting who they are and what they do in soulful ways.

This is what working with soul is all about:

We always have a choice and each choice either moves us towards more connection and wholeness or away from it.

It’s a choice I intentionally make every single day–to connect and reconnect.rebecca_stretch

Making that choice meant the pieces of me that I hid and ignored were re-embraced. I started listening to the whispers of my soul that urged me to retire from dancing and choreography and start using my voice and life in a new way.

The real me started showing up, even when it was uncomfortable.

Life started falling together on it’s own, without me having to control and force it. And my work became wildly fulfilling, as I saw my clients and students relax into being themselves and doing what lights up their soul, too.

“The work I did with Rebecca helped me to realize that everything I needed was already inside of me. All I had to do to access it was break through some of the barriers I had lain in my own path. Work with Soul gave me all of the tools, love and support I needed in order to do so. I still have moments where I disconnect and slip away, but now I know how to get back. That skill will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life.”

 – Sarah S


“I originally sought out Rebecca’s help because my inner critic – that nonstop voice in my head judging anything and everything – had become too much to bear.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I have learned how to make decisions aligned with my thoughts, body and soul through my intuition. I’ve tapped into one of my biggest strengths that I used to see as a sole weakness to start my own creative company – which I thought was easily 10 years away.”

– Katie Wilkes, Co-founder Freeheart Creative


That’s how Work with Soul was born…

Out of a deep yearning inside to support you in reconnecting to your soul, because only then can we do work that fulfills us on the deepest level. This was all created from a vision of what our world can be when we love who we are and what we do, and we help each other along the way.

So yes, I’m smiling right now. In an inside-out kind of way.

Because looking at life through this lens is a lot like holding up a kaleidoscope: it’s colorful, fun, and a bit trippy.

It would be an honor to get to know you and support you on your soul journey.

If you want to know more about my journey from professional dancer/choreographer to what I do now, check out this video.

Rebecca Niziol is the Creator of Work with Soul,
an ever-expanding community of support that connects who we are and what we do in soulful ways. She is a certified professional coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching with over a thousand hours of coaching experience. She has taught yoga to the men’s national soccer team, guided a group of two thousand people in meditation, and is a retired professional dancer.