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Spirit: the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.


Spirit Woman: A woman who embodies the love, wisdom, power and energy of her soul and shares it with the world.

Need some breathing room in your life? 

Do you have a full, busy life and crave time away from daily obligations to reconnect with your heart and soul?

Love the feeling after a yoga class or meditation and wish you could be immersed in that for a week (and let’s be real: for the rest of your life)?

Want to heal your emotional world and return to your feminine radiance and power?

Join me for 7 days/7 night in paradise to deeply connect to your soul on a whole new level. 

More than an escape… this isn’t the time/place to just run away from your life or your stress… This is where you come home to your own soul.

Imagine if for one week you got to step into a sacred space of deep relaxation, where your soul leads, and you’re surrounded by supportive, loving individuals who get it and get you…

  • Gain 24/7 access to your soul’s guidance, love, power and energy so you can stop looking for outer validation and approval to feel loved and enough.
  • Relax in nature away from the noise, pollution and busyness of the city– let the ocean melt your stress and the sun energize your body.
  • Learn to lean into trust and faith over fear and control.
  • Release old stuck emotion, energy, limiting beliefs and toxins
  • Show up to be supported and loved exactly as you are
  • Nourish yourself with delicious home-grown healthy food, deep sleep hearing the ocean waves crashing, meaningful conversation, and soulful practices that light you up from the inside
  • Interact with the natural wildlife, release and celebrate baby turtles racing to the ocean, snorkel, hike, swim, and nap feeling connecting to the earth.
  • Dive deep with sacred ceremonies and group coaching circles, daily movement/yoga and meditation.

Come as you are.

Leave feeling relaxed, radiant, and energized.

PLAYA VIVA: Our Sacred Home 

Situated on 200 acres of private land just outside Zihuatanejo, Mexico, we’ll be immersed in coastal forests, Aztec sites, and glistening beaches. The site includes farms that grow much of the fresh food we’ll eat as well as a turtle sanctuary (unleash the cuteness!).

Playa viva provides a luxurious natural landscape, as an off-grid eco-resort, away from the hustle bustle of city life and as a much needed break from trendy tourist destinations.

THE GROUP: Is this for you? 

This retreat is for the modern day woman who wants more than just a vacation–she wants time to connect to her soul, space to relax and play in nature, to be surrounded by other women who get her and support her, and to return home feeling relaxed yet energized.

The Spirit Woman retreat welcomes you as you, in any shape or size, with any experience level of yoga/meditation/soul work. The intimate group will be filled with supportive, kind, fun-loving women just like you!

This is an intimate retreat and space is limited–be sure to reserve your spot now.

THE FLOW: How we’ll roll

No jam packed schedule, no pressure or stress. This week is created to give you exactly what you need (daily yoga/movement and soul practices + Spirit Woman coaching circles) and want (free time on the beach, napping in your hammock, or taking a hike + deep soul connection).

This is where support meets freedom: throughout the week you’ll be encouraged to honor whatever you need and desire and I’ll be inviting you to a few fun adventures along the way.

Throughout the week you will deepen trust in yourself and in the Universe, so you can relax and enjoy as the process unfolds.

Note: A more detailed structure will be released to participants a couple weeks before we depart! 

ROOMS: There’s no bad choice 

Relax in your cabana or casita hearing the sound of the ocean lulling you to sleep!

Your eco-luxury quarters are all built to be in harmony with the land and eco-system, with an open-air format to connect you to nature, but with the comfort and luxury of fully private bathrooms, filtered water, and plenty of space to unwind.

There are options for private rooms/cabanas or a shared room.

If you are traveling solo and want a shared room you will be divinely matched with a wonderful female roommate, and each of you will have your own bed and a shared bathroom and sleeping space.

Given yourself the same love and attention you so generously give to others.

I believe every single woman has the potential to be a Spirit Woman. 

We need Spirit Women as mothers, friends and teachers.

We need Spirit Women in board rooms, leading companies and in our government.

We need Spirit Women creating art and expressing themselves fully. We need Spirit Women in our communities and cities and taking care of the planet.

We need Spirit Women to heal the world.

We need you, the modern day Spirit Woman, to bring forward your soul’s purpose and gifts… to express and embody it in your every day life.

Would you like to join me in this radiant, powerful life as a modern day Spirit Woman?

What’s included:

  • 7 Days/7 Nights accommodations at our Eco-Luxury resort Playa Viva
  • 3 delicious, healthy meals daily (chef cooks for all diets: vegetarian/vegan, pescetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and most allergies)
  • All snacks, drinks, and filtered water
  • Yoga mats, towels, and props
  • Transportation to/from ZIH International airport (35-40 min)
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony + Sacred Rituals & Initiations
  • Daily movement and/or yoga practices
  • Daily meditation and soul practices
  • Curated (optional) surprise activities to enjoy our surroundings (think snorkeling, guided adventures, or sea turtle bonding)
  • Free time to hike, swim, explore, nap, play, or do whatever you please
  • Full access to Rebecca’s wisdom/love/support /guidance for the week

Here’s what past participants are saying:

“Rebecca was able to use the retreat experience to show us that life CAN be this amazing and feel good even when you are brushing up against the darkest and toughest parts of yourself. She was able to show me the life I ultimately want to create and how I can start working my way there.  If someone is looking for a truly transformational experience – this is it.

– Lee Hubilla, NYC 

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.37.20 PM

“I entered the retreat feeling cloudy, anxious, sad and small.  I left feeling energized, motivated, connected and expansive.  Rebecca facilitates a safe space for us to break down our walls, deeply connect to ourselves and each other.

This was my second time attending one of these gatherings and now I can’t imagine going a year without one.”  

– Sarah S., Portland, OR

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.28.35 PM

“Rebecca creates immersive experiences that consistently exceed my expectations.  I left with clarity, tangible actions to expand the magical week to everyday life, and soul sisters who I’m honored to have by my side. I laughed, cried, and felt immense joy and gratitude for the experience – it’s nourishment for the soul.”

Noelle O. Chicago, IL

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.40.40 PM

“When I left NYC to head to the airport, I didn’t know what to expect. We came together as a group in the most peaceful and restorative setting imaginable. Rebecca had thought of every last detail to make sure that each of us had exactly what we needed as individuals, even down to specific room assignments and detailed dietary options.

Throughout I felt so connected… I felt seen, witnessed, supported, and deeply loved. Thank you Rebecca, working with you has quite truthfully changed my life.”

– Bridget R., NYC


Spirit Woman Retreat 

May 13-20th, 2018 

Relax. Reconnect. Radiate.  

This retreat will sell out… enroll now to reserve your space while it’s still available.

    • Luxury Private Casita (SOLD OUT–private room upgrade available upon request only, for an additional cost): $3590
    • Luxury Shared Casita (only 1 space left):

Full retreat payments are due by March 10, 2018 if paying in full. We also have an optional monthly payment plan that extends through May 2018 for an additional $50 processing fee.

Your Spiritual Leader/Guide: Rebecca Niziol


Rebecca Niziol is the Creator of Work with Soul, an online community of support that teaches people around the globe how to create spiritual success in their lives from the inside out. 

She helps women in deeply connecting to their soul, themselves,  and each other. Her students and clients not only heal their emotional world, they are taught how to do it themselves so they are truly free.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Podcast Host and intuitive she brings spiritual tools and practices in down to earth ways. Rebecca has taught yoga to the men’s national soccer team, guided a group of over two thousand people in meditation and led soul practices for millionaires on Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island. She proudly proclaims that the Work with Soul Inner Circle (private coaching group) is the most loving place on the internet.

“I’ve hosted 5 retreats now, from the jungles of Bali to peaceful forests and farmhouses in North America, this Spirit Woman Retreat is going to be my best one yet. The entire week is set up to support you–and I’ll be there lovingly guiding every step of the way.” 


We fly into ZIH International Airport in Mexico. Your transportation to/from the airport to the retreat space is fully covered and taken care of.

Note: Your flight is NOT included in the retreat fee. 

Please arrive on Sunday, May 13th. You’ll have the entire first day to get settled in, relax on the beach, and explore the lands. We’ll have our Welcome Dinner and Opening Ceremony that evening.

Our Closing Ceremony will be Saturday evening to complete the retreat. We check out Sunday, but you can relax and hang out at the resort until it’s time to head to the airport.

My team and I have researched the best flights from many major US cities. The sooner your book the cheaper your flight will be.

Please email with your homebase location and we’ll send you our suggested flight (best price, most direct and convenient times).


Does the cost include my flight? 

No, it doesn’t. We have women flying in from a number of cities, so you are responsible for booking your own flight. Our team is here to help! We’ll scout the best priced and most convenient flight for you, so all you have to do is book.

Do I need a passport? Or a visa? 

Yes! Please be sure to have a valid passport, that doesn’t expire for at least 6 months beyond the trip. Also note: In Mexico you’ll receive a customs form that you MUST KEEP. Please hold on to it, because you need it to exit the country (I learned from experience on a past trip!). You do not need a visa to enter Mexico from the US (or most countries).

Is there wifi and cell service? 

Yes, but don’t expect it to be high speed like back home. We recommend unplugging from technology as much as you can for the Spirit Woman Retreat. However there is wifi in the communal areas that you can use (yup, I know you’re going to want to post a couple Instagram photos). There is also limited cell service, depending on your provider and location on the resort, but if there’s an emergency you will be able to make/receive calls.

I’m not into nature, more specifically bugs! Will there be any? 

A component of this retreat is to be immersed in a beautiful natural landscape and connect to your own true nature, so that means becoming a part of the gorgeous and natural ecosystem at Playa Viva. There are sea turtles, fish, lizards, a variety of birds, and other creatures that keep this place vibrant and alive. Yes, there will be some bugs and mosquitos. We’ll have all natural repellant and oils, and you can BYO stronger stuff if you like. All beds are outfitted with nets to ensure no creepy crawlies are anywhere near you while you sleep. If you hate the outdoors and the thought of sleeping in an open-air room in paradise, this isn’t the trip for you.

Do I need travel insurance? 

That’s up to you. Most US health insurance does not cover foreign medical expenses while traveling. If you tend to stress or worry about what-ifs purchase yourself an affordable travel insurance plan (check here). Note: You are fully liable and responsible for any medical expenses or injuries you may occur while on the retreat, so please ensure you have what you need to feel safe and taken care of in case of emergency.

I want to come, but I’m nervous and feeling unsure… what do I do? 

You’re not alone. Any trip, retreat, or sacred journey is going to take you outside of your comfort zone and expand you beyond your normal behaviors and routines–and yes, that can be scary!

Most people feel at least some amount of nervousness and excitement, and that’s completely normal. Trust yourself and your intuition, you’ll know if this is for you, and if so you will absolutely be supported in moving through any fear or anxiety you might be feeling.

Needing more clarity before you enroll? Book your 15 min call with me (Rebecca) and I’ll answer any additional questions and walk you through whatever you need to know to feel safe and relaxed about your decision.

What if I’ve never done something like this before? Will I be the only one who is a newbie? 

Nope, you’ll be in a great company. For some women this will be their first retreat, too! Even if you’ve never done soul work/yoga/meditation with me before, the Spirit Woman Retreat is designed to meet you where you’re at, offering a range that allows seasoned soul-workers to beginners what they need.

The Spirit Woman Retreat is designed to create new connections and deepen bonds between the women that attend. Even if you come solo without knowing anyone you’ll be embraced by the group. There’s also plenty of time/space to be alone if you crave and need that introvert time to re-charge.

What happens after I pay the deposit and/or enrollment fee? 

Within 2 business days you’ll receive an email confirmation that you’re officially enrolled and your space has been reserved. We’ll also send you suggested flights, and recommend booking those as soon as you can to ensure an easy journey to the retreat at a great cost.

Along the way you’ll receive fun highlights, updates, and announcements from Rebecca leading up to the retreat: including a packing list, room confirmations, and other helpful resources closer to the start date.

Do you have any other questions or concerns? Email us: so we can help ensure you get what you need OR book click below to book a 15 minute chat with Rebecca to go over all the details.


Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By paying the deposit and retreat fee for enrollment you agree to all terms and conditions. By using this site and/or making a payment you agree to indemnify and hold us and anybody affiliated with Rebecca Niziol and harmless from any claim or demand due totally or in part arising out of your participation in the site, the retreat, etc.

Your deposit holds your room and space in the retreat. All deposit are non-refundable (but are transferable to someone else). Full payments are due to be completely paid by March 10, 2018. Monthly payment plans are available (extends payments through May) for a small additional fee of $50.

There are no refunds on cancellations after March 15th, 2018 (60 days before). If you need to cancel before March 15, 2018 you will be reimbursed your money minus your deposit and any processing fees.

Your deposit and/or full course fee is fully transferable to another approved guest. We will have a waitlist for this retreat, so if you cannot fill your space we will do our best to offer it to someone on the waitlist, however this is not guaranteed and you are responsible for the full payment if you cannot fill your space. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.